Scotland 2017

magic athmosphere everywhere, silent and sun and a bit of showers..

walking to Ben Nevis

the way to Ben Nevis

sheep everywhere...

waiting for our ferry from Lochalin to Fishnish

narcissus growing everywhere, it's so beautiful

some magical gardens, this one belongs to the castel

we are ready to see some minke whales...

sealifesurvey, a good local company to watch whales...
unfortunately the whales did not want to see us at this time

but there were some seals and golden eagles, and puffins...

so this is Tobermory and the famous local distillery company

Tobermory, the small village on the Isle of Mull

and of course we tried some scotch whiskies and I really loved this tartan pattern, typical in Scotland

our boat, which we were 4 hours on the see to watch whales

cute colorful small houses, we loved it

and lot of deer as well

I don't know the name of this flower but it was blooming everywhere, so nice

front of me somewhere in the deep see 100-200 metres far, there is a boat from 1653,
you can feel on your skin and hear in your ears the whispers of the ghosts...


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